CS 181a: VLSI Design Laboratory


CS 181a General Information

Time and Place
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:15-2:45pm, 74 Jorgensen

Mika Nyström <mika@async> 274 Jorgensen

Teaching Assistants
Catherine Wong <wongca@async> office hours W10-11:30am, VLSI Lab, Jorg.
Karl Papadantonakis <kp@async> office hours W1-2pm, VLSI Lab, Jorg.

Course Secretary
Betta Dawson <bettad@cs> 256 Jorgensen

System Managers
Dave LeBlanc <unix-help@cs> 272 Jorgensen
Chris Malek <unix-help@cs> 269 Jorgensen

Homework Assignments


Reference Material

Previous Years

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Catalog Entry
CS 181 abc. VLSI Design Laboratory. 12 units (3-6-3); first, second, third terms.

Digital integrated systems design, with projects involving the design, verification, and testing of high-complexity CMOS microcircuits. First-term lecture and homework topics emphasize disciplined design, and include CMOS logic, layout, and timing; computer-aided design and analysis tools; and electrical and performance considerations. Each student is required in the first term to complete individually the design, layout, and verification of a moderately complex integrated circuit. Advanced topics second and third terms include self-timed design, computer architecture, and other topics that vary year by year. Projects are large-scale designs done by teams.

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